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For the Tsunami Victims

The 2004 Tsunami has left a life long impact on the indigenous Fisher communities who are limping back to terms with reality. Their livelihood is rarely considered while formulating various policies and developmental programs. They are at the mercy of Middlemen, Nature and harsh Market conditions. We are striving to improve the lives of the Fisher community through various programs. The inclusion of Women folk in income generation activities has been one of our priorities.

The indigenous Fisher communities face uncertaintiy due to environmental, sociopolitical and economic vulnerability in Sea region. The Tsunami is just one such disaster that struck them a year plus ago but has left a life long impact on them. Their livelihoods are often not well addressed in the formulation of various  policies and development programs. Their lives are at the mercy of  too many uncertainties in terms of the Middlemen, in terms of Nature and in terms of the Market conditions.

The concept of 'sustainable  livelihoods/ Alternative Livelihoods ' is increasingly central to the debate about  their  development, poverty reduction and environmental governance. Therefore the Foundation is striving to improve the Participation of Women folk too in the Income Generation activities  and also provide alternative sources of livelihood for the displaced victims.

Alternate Livelihood for fishermen
mechanized Vegetable Gardening
Alternate Livelihood for Fisher women
Fish Pickle   Candle MAKING
Value Added Products
Vermicompost Mushroom Cultivation
Organizational Skill Development for Women
Women Empowerment