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The Foundation works in four areas in order to achieve the core objective of building a better life for underprivileged in society:

Hunger: Alleviation of Hunger
Health: Improvement of Health
Education: Promote & Provide Education
Livelihood: Support Livelihood
Hunger Program
Alleviation ofHunger


This program is central to our activities and was the original motivation for setting the Foundation. Under this program food packets are distributed to hungry and homeless people, saving lives and allowing the beneficiaries to stave off disease and malnutrition. Under a new initiative of the Hunger Program, Children of an Orphanage are also being fed. We have also been involved in providing relief to the drought-affected and suicide prone families of Andhra Pradesh.

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education program
Promotion & Provision of Education  

We have under taken the challenge of providing education to every man, woman and child among communities deprived of basic rights and resources. We have demonstrated our convictions - that children can and should receive quality primary education - by supporting and providing selected poor, yet deserving children, with primary education. Education expenses of several deserving children have also been sponsored and we continue to look out for more such deserving children.

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Health Program
Improvement of Health  

We realise that feeding the hungry is a fundamental relief measure. However, its benefits would be futile unless it is backed by healthcare and medication for the poor and needy. To this end, we provide medicines, healthcare supplies and medical counseling services to those in need. Many of these people are also being given Free Basic Pranic Healing courses to enable them to heal themselves and others around them.

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Livelihood Program
We are focused on the rehabilitation of disadvantaged sections of society. We help by providing opportunities and access to resources needed to launch and sustain a livelihood. The Foundation financially supports such people in attending training workshops to acquire new skills so that they may have means of improving their lives and increasing their economic opportunities.
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