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MCKS Foundation, is a not-for-profit volunteer-led development organization, and works towards alleviation of hunger, promotes education, health and supports livelihood. Driven by the vision of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and guided by the five fundamental principles of humanity, equality, voluntary service, unity and integrity, MCKS Foundation provides food for the hungry while working on the long-term goal of promoting education and basic health and supporting livelihood opportunities to the deprived sections of society.

Based at Andhra Pradesh (India), MCKS Foundation is committed to enhancing and enriching the lives of the under-privileged, thereby enabling them to become productive members of the society. At MCKS Foundation, we continuously strive to transform lives - from a life filled with despair, suffering and misery to one full of hope, health and happiness.

Operations include field programs, exploratory programs and feeding programs with the objective to shape individual lives and strengthen communities. A vicious circle exists between the lack of education, absence of livelihood, hunger, and disease or health related problems. By Nurturing Livelihood, providing Access to Knowledge, Promoting Physical & Spiritual Health, we strive to overcome and surpass the obstacle of the socio-economic vicious circle to facilitate Social Progress.
The Foundation has identified four areas of core activities:
Hunger: Alleviation of Hunger
Health: Improvement of Health
Education: Promote & Provide Education
Livelihood: Support Livelihood