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The MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation is a not-for-profit volunteer led organization driven by the vision of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and guided by the fundamental principles of humanity, equality, voluntary service, unity and integrity.We provide food for the hungry while working on the long term goal of promoting education, basic health and supporting livelihood opportunities to under privileged people thereby enabling them to become productive members of society. We continuously strive to transform lives - from one of despair, suffering and misery to one full of hope, health and happiness.

Our organisation exists to fight hunger by providing immediate relief, and by building a sustainable framework that enables those in need to help themselves.


Grand Master Choa Kok Sui: Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, a Filipino of Chinese descent, is truly a World Citizen, traveling tirelessly all over the world – lecturing, conducting retreats and “feeding the souls of his disciples”. Besides being a Spiritual Teacher and a true Master of Energies, he is also a Chemical Engineer, Philanthropist, Successful businessman and Scientist. He founded the India Chapter of the MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation in the year 2004 in response to his inner call to eradicate poverty. He single handedly

supported the foundation in the early stages and continues to be our largest donor.

Today, his organizations world-wide, including the MCKS Charitable Foundation, the Humanitarian and Legal Assistance Foundation, the Food for the Hungry Foundation and other Pranic Healing organizations work to help the poor, serve the needy and uplift the downtrodden. MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation has its chapters spread not only across India but also in other Countries.

Improvement of Health


Shanta Prasad, aged about 52 years has been actively involved with various social causes and has been part of great philanthropic efforts both on a personal level and as part of the Pranic Healing Foundation. She also holds office as a Trustee in various Organizations such as the MCKS Trust Fund, World Pranic Healing Foundation and AP Pranic Healing Foundation. She is also a Director in Associated Coffee Merchants International Limited, London. She is currently actively involved in fundraising for the MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation, Andhra Pradesh for undertaking various projects on an ongoing basis.

Alleviation ofHunger  

C.Sasidhar Reddy, aged about 48 years is a Healer and a Psychotherapist by profession. The Divine Knowledge and his purpose were revealed to him in his inner-journey, and is presently working towards a “Spiritual Renaissance” on Earth with special focus on giving Cultural Roots and True Values to youth in India. He conducts Advanced Yoga and Meditation courses under the auspices of the School of Higher Awareness and Meditation – “SOHAM” at Hyderabad, India. He is a Trustee of several spiritual and social work institutions in Andhra Pradesh.


Satyavathi, aged about 46 years has been a house wife before she got involved with Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Andhra Pradesh. She is currently involved in the day-to-day activities of the MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation. From the Feeding Program to the Tribal Welfare Program, she is involved in identifying the potential beneficiaries, in planning and coordinating for all logistic support and execution of the Programs envisioned by the Foundation. Her passion for cooking helps in planning, co-ordinating and supervising the preparation of food packets to be distributed to the orphan and malnourished children.


Challa Soumya, aged about 24 years is an extremely talented member of the Foundation. She holds a Diploma in Fashion Designing from the prestigious “National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad”. She has organized various events as part of her professional stint with fashion designing.  She has also won an award for the “Most Practical Collection”  for the “Best use of Modernity in Contemporary style”.  This award was sponsored by Swaroski & Meena Jewellers. 

She along with Mrs.Satyavathi is involved in the Daily programs of MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation right from identifying the potential beneficiaries to planning & co-ordinating logistic support. Coming from a professional background of Fashion Designing, she is also involved in contributing a lot to the Livelihood Programs especially to Women in Embroidery courses etc.
Sriram Bharatam, aged about 34 years has over 15 years experience in the IT industry, providing strategy and consulting to companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in more than 10 verticals. He is a Strategic & Management Advisor to many leading Corporate Houses, Government Agencies, Non Profit Organisations, Business Schools and others.

He is the Founder of Cause an Effect Foundation,, a community building web site

which was developed in 1999 in about 36 hours and has generated more than 18 million visitors in a span of one and half months to support the victims of the Orissa Super cyclone. In August 2004 he was declared the first non-American and the youngest winner of the prestigious YEO Kauffman Community Award at Los Angeles, USA to recognize his valuable philanthropic contributions to society. Cause an Effect Foundation has since 1999 been carrying on various philanthropic activities & several programs for the deprived community.

Some of the Awards Mr.Sriram Bharatam has been honored with are:

  • The Kauffman Community Award by Erwing Marion Kauffman Foundation in 2004 for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Nominated for Entrepreneur of the year Award by Ernst & Young in 2003
  • Awarded the Rashtra Pratibha Award by the Integrated Council for Socio-Economic Progress in 2003